Company History

In 2015, Joseph March (Joe) founded Hong Kong Sports Clinic to offer trustworthy and patient-centered healthcare services, addressing local concerns about profit-oriented healthcare.

Despite initial apprehension about starting his own business, Joe received support from his friends and founded the clinic as a solo practitioner. To ensure success in the early years, he extended the clinic’s hours to accommodate early birds and those who worked late, and dedicated himself to providing high-quality care with a patient-centered approach. As a result of his hard work, the clinic quickly gained popularity and was fully booked from morning to night, six days a week, within just a few months of opening.

Over the years, the business has evolved from a pain and injury clinic to a comprehensive healthcare space, with a team of more than 20 passionate professionals from health and fitness fields including physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, sports massage, women’s health, strength and conditioning, yoga and mobility, Pilates, and nutrition. Milestones, such as upgrading the location, adding more locations, and industry recognition, solidified the clinic’s reputation for excellent care and its commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Hong Kong Sports Clinic has become a hub for families and friends to heal injuries, improve health, and strengthen connections. It is also a place committed to fostering the learning and growth of the younger generation in healthcare industry, as demonstrated by Charles, the first junior who is now a leading physio and business partner.

In addition to pain management, health and fitness, as well as as education, the entire team is dedicated to giving back to the society by supporting underprivileged communities and local sports teams, providing free services, and contributing to the charity causes they believe in.

Hong Kong Sports Clinic proudly serves a diverse community of advocates who passionately share their positive experiences. The clinic has changed the lives of many team members and countless clients, and they look forward to continuing their work together for years to come.

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