Joe HKSC Lead Physio

Joseph March

Position: Founder and Physiotherapist
Categories: Physiotherapists

Joe calls himself the ‘Ginger Wizard,’ but everyone else knows him as Joe! He established Hong Kong Sports Clinic to tackle the local community’s concerns about the trustworthiness and money-minded nature of the physiotherapy profession. Focused on fostering trust and credibility, Joe broadened the clinic’s services to include holistic wellness and fitness. As a physiotherapist and exercise specialist, he specializes in team sports, runners, dancers, yogis, gym injuries, lower back pain, hip OA, FAI, and post-surgical rehabilitation. Today, Joe leads a dedicated team of professionals, catering to people who desire to live better, healthier lives. 


* Founder and Principal Physiotherapist Hong Kong Sports Clinic 

* Former Head Physiotherapist of HKFC (Rugby) 

* Former Consulting Physiotherapist for HK ballet 

* Specialties: team sports, runners, dancers and yogis, gym injuries, lower back pain and post surgical rehabilitation  

* Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (Curtin)  

* With Over 15 years and 35000 hours of clinical experience 

*HK and Australian registered physiotherapist 

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